This program was an assignment for my Programming Languages course. The idea is to implement a simple pseudocode interpreter which has very basic functionality as well as a contiguous memory store. Here is how it works:

  1. You feed the program a CRLF seperated list of valid syntax. In this case, the file “pseudocode.txt” which should be in the same directory as the program (no file picker implemented).
  2. The program reads, parses, and executes the given instructions
  3. Any errors that are found are reported, else the program runs until STOP instruction or EOF.

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This is a walkthrough with a bunch of random items. Included are: a giant pyramid (hide it by pressing the p key!), a snowman, a bird, a torus, a rotating texture, and a golden spiral of teapots in the background.

Look at the myKeyboard() function to see what keys move. This program also relies upon texture.bmp as well as grass.bmp and BitmapLoader.h in order to run.

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