Sprite Editor FAQ / User Guide

Sprite Editor Frequently Asked Questions and User Guide » Here you will find a list of common questions and concerns regarding sprite editor.

    • What are the requirements to run Sprite Editor?
    • Where are all the options?
      • Try right clicking the sprite tree to find all the goodies.
      • The context menus are different depending upon what is selected.
    • Where can I find detailed documentation on the *.spr file format?
    • How do I perform a Quick Crop?
      1. Select a Valid State.
      2. Click and drag on the displayed image / sprite sheet to select a rectangular area.
      3. cropX, cropY, cropW, and cropH values are automatically set from your selection.
    • Where are the application settings stored on my PC?
      • They are stored in %AppData%LocalSpriteEditor
      • This folder is normally located in C:UsersYourUserNameAppDataLocalSpriteEditor
    • Is there any other shortcuts for setting parameter values?
      • Right click a Parameter and go to “Set Current Value To”. Here you are given a few options:
        1. X or Y value. Useful for cropX,Y.
        2. Image color code. Useful for capturing the background color of a sprite sheet for transparency.
        3. Use Current Image Filename. Useful for easily setting URI parameter to currently displayed image’s filename.
    • What does “Add Next Chain” do?
      • Check out the *.spr file format documentation for more details on how chains work.
      • For example, if you select SPRITE_STATE_WALK_LEFT_0 and click Add next Chain, it will add SPRITE_STATE_WALK_LEFT_1 for you.
      • If isChain: 1 is not set in the root parameter, it will automagically be set for you.
    • Why can’t MegaMan.spr shoot Chicken.spr?
      • Because caustik sucks.
    • What are “Dependencies”?
      • Any references to external files from inside of a *.spr are listed under Dependencies. These usually include images and *.spi spawn/death animations.
    • Why is there a Green Checkmark / Red X on the bottom right corner?
      • Any time a change is made, the Validator automatically runs. If you get a Checkmark, all is fine. A red X means there is an error.
    • How do I submit my character for usage on the sprite network?
    • I crashed the program or got some unexpected behavior!
      • Please e-mail me, report the problem on the google code issue tracker, or post a forum thread on the sprites.caustik.com website and I will fix it for you!
    • What all does the error checking look for?
      1. States
        • Must be in all caps
        • SPRITE_META_DATA and SPRITE_STATE_DEFAULT are required.
        • Must be a known state name, matched from a list of possible states.
      2. Parameters
        • Must be a known parameter, action, or flag name.
      3. Values
        • Flags must be 0 or 1.
        • URIs must contain a valid filename.
        • HTML Hex color codes must be six digits.
        • Integers must be a parseable number.
        • Doubles must also parse.
        • URLs must be valid links.
        • Checks if param is listed without a corresponding value.
        • Checks if param is blank or whitepsace.
      4. Other
        • Array indices must be in the form [n] and have appropriate subnodes.
        • Chains must have isChain:1 set.
        • Checks if isChain:1 is set and there is no subsequent incremented state.
        • Chain numbers must be sequential.

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